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Hello, and welcome to our site about Reliabilt doors. Our aim today is to  provide you with all the information you need to make the best choice for your home when considering these types of doors. We have provided a brief summary of what Reliabilt is, then below that we have a basic product guide to help you choose the ideal type. So which type is best for you? Where can you find them? Keep reading to find out more.

What exactly is Reliabilt?

Many of you out there may have heard about Reliabilt doors before, but not really known where they come from. To start off with, they are a particular brand of door that is sold at Lowes. They have been sold there for many years, and thus have developed a good reputation for being cheap and reliable. They are very popular with contractors, and people looking for a new type of interior or exterior design for their house. They come in a wide variety of styles and materials, so there is quite a big range to choose from.
They are amongst the cheapest doors you can buy for your house. Does that mean the quality is something you can trust to last for many years? Can they handle the harsh elements, or will they fall apart? Though the price may be very cheap, the quality certainly isn’t. Lowes manages to keep the cost to a minimum by buying in bulk, hence all the savings are passed onto the consumer. The doors are of very good quality, and are built to very high standards. This doesn’t mean you are getting a $1000 quality door for $100 at Lowes, so don’t expect that if you buy Reliabilt doors. What you can expect to get is a decent door for a very good price.

So who actually makes the doors? The doors are produced for Lowes by various different manufacturers, so it is hard to say exactly who produces the doors. For example the french doors are made by a different company than the steel front doors. So as you can see we can’t spend all day listing who makes what. We will say that Jeld-wen is one of the main manufacturers of the doors. Jeld-wen was founded in 1960, so they have been making doors for over 50 years. With that wealth of experience in the industry, you can be sure of getting a decent quality product. The main focus is on the brand name, as this is what we intend to discuss.

What materials do they come in?

What type of materials can you find them in? Reliabilt doors come in quite a few different materials and designs. Popular ones for exterior doors include steel (for those who live in windy areas) and fiberglass, ranging to solid oak and maple.  Interior doors can mostly be found in MDF and pine, which are both good cost effective solutions for most homes. Most of the doors are factory painted, so this isn’t something you should have to worry about. Others come pre-primed, so if you want to paint them yourself to match your home then this is ideal.

What do they cost?

So what can you expect to pay for Reliabilt doors? Prices tend to vary quite a bit depending on what your requirements are. If you want something like a patio door, you can expect to pay as little as $299 for a new vinyl sliding door. If you are looking for a basic interior door you will look at paying around $22 or so which is quite reasonable. For a steel front door, you can look at paying around $150 or so for a 25 gauge quality door. So as you can see the prices are very respectable.

Where can you get them?

Where is the best place to buy them? Well if you have a local Lowes then that is probably the easiest way to do it. If not, you can find them online. There are several online shops where you can find the doors for sale, so remember to have a quick look around the internet to get a rough idea of the prices. You can normally compare prices with the click of a button, so this definitely the preferred way of doing it. Remember to take measurements first before looking into what you need. Also make sure you know if you are searching for a door slab, or an entire prehung door. What is the difference between the two? A doorslab is only the door on its own. A prehung door includes the doorslab, the frame, and the trimming. The doorslab is already attached to the frame so the entire unit comes ready to install. Remember to make this distinction when you are shopping for Reliabilt doors. Keep all these tips in mind, and you can be sure to find a great door that will look great on your home, and serve you well for many years to come! You can read our buyers guide below which will take a quick look at some of the more popular Reliabilt doors currently on offer.


The entry doors currently available from Reliabilt come in steel and wood. You may be surprised to learn that Lowes only sell 3 wooden entry doors, and these are all made out of Hem-Fir wood. These range in price from $140-$160 so they are more of a budget range than anything else. They are unhinged doors meaning you can make them swing inwards or outwards. Steel doors are somewhat more popular with almost 50 different models to choose from. Prices start from about $120 for a steel Reliabilt door, and can go up to $300 for the top of the line model. All the steel Reliabilt doors are galvanized to prevent rust, and most of them are thermally sealed for maximum energy efficiency.  About all of these doors come with the frame so they are ready to install, and most of them are inswing doors. The main advantage of steel doors are that they are very low maintenance, while at the same time look very modern and stylish.
Other entry doors currently available from Lowes are fiberglass doors, but these are sold under the ThermaTru brand name. These cost quite a bit more than steel or wooden doors so we won’t go into any detail on those types of doors.

wooden exterior door steel exterior door
Wooden Exterior Door Steel Exterior Door


If you want a very basic slab interior door, you can get one for as little as $22. This particular model is made out of fiberboard which is durable, and is ready to be painted. These slab doors can go up in price to about $180, but for that type of money you get a high quality wooden door. If you want a prehung door (which is ready to install together with the frame) then you have around 50 different models to choose from. The cheapest prehung Reliabilt door is $53 and like the cheapest slab door it is made out of fiberboard. The priciest prehung Reliabilt doors are about $190, and this includes thick wooden veneeres for a classic stylish look. If you are looking for french doors then Reliabilt doors only come in two different models. These cost $329 and $365 which are both great value for money. These are a light design, and add a nice look to any home.
Moving onto closet doors, you have the options of a bifold, sliding or folding vinyl doors to pick from. What you choose is all down to personal preference really, but we can give a few pricing guidelings. The cheapest bifold door is a very modest $31 and the most expensive one is about $364. The cheapest sliding door on offer is $68, and this has a safety backed clear mirror. The most expensive sliding closet door is $474, but obviously this comes with fancy features like frosted glass for a contemporary look. Lastly we have vinyl folding closet doors. These are the cheapest closet doors you can get, and you can pick up a budget on for only $27. These are made of solid vinyl panels and have a woodgrain finish for style. These can go up in price to $230, so don’t be fooled into thinking that vinyl is only a cheap and unflattering solution.

wooden exterior door steel exterior door steel exterior door
Interior Slab Door Interior Prehung Door Interior French Door